Friday, February 24, 2017

Alisa's Baby Shower

So I've been waiting forever for pictures of Alisa with her guests and opening her gifts and things.... But neither of us have the pics for it, so we might have to do a part 2 of this.

Anyway, Sheri and I threw a shower for my sister-in-law Alisa for our sweet little niece, Remi. It was beyond gorgeous and Alisa did an amazing job on taking all the photos for this as well.

Let me tell you, I lost sleep over this shower. Haha I wanted everything to be beautiful and absolutely perfect. And I'm so glad we pulled it off!!!!

• Sheri and I did ALL of the floral arrangements

•Cake is from Swirly Girlz Bakery (I did the flowers on it) 

•Catering is a little scattered. I made the Panini's, Sheri made the cheesecake bites, the platters and pasta salad were from a fabulous deli, and the green salad is from harmons grocer (Ironman Salad, a must try). 

Enjoy the eye candy:

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I'm BACK!!!

Whew..... Between getting locked out of my blogger account, phone breaking and "replacement" being ancient and not compatible with being able to blog... I finally was able to get into it and blog! Hahahaha
Since its been since Duke's birthday that u have blogged, I'm going to have to break all our updates into a few different blogs

So Robbie's been back home since fathers day. He surprised us and got here a day early!!! He has started CHG and is THRIVING. He has the number 8th book on his team (meaning he has a good amount of doctors working for him). He just working on getting his Realtors license too. He wants to sell a couple houses a year just for some extra cash on the side!

I started working again at Lotsa Tots Daycare as a preschool teacher in the 2'-3s (potty training) class. Duke is in my class now. Surprisingly, I really love my job and everyone I work with. I plan to stay there for quite awhile, maybe even try to be an assistant director of a new center if I can! 

I'll share some pics from our summer.... 

Lots of splash pads 

Lots of melty ice cream

Lia lost her FIRST tooth

The kids and I experienced Lake Powell for the first time over Labor Day weekend. 

Father's day at the Alta Lodge 

Pizza and Batting Cage for date night. 

My Pèpè (grandpa) passed away 

June 4th was my mom's wedding

I took the kids to go harvest apples with a food sharing charity called The Green Urban Lunch box

Took our cousins to harvest some fruit with The Green Urban Lunchbox
Hanging out with snakes 
Lia started Kindergarten!!!!! 
Shimmer and Shine backpack of course 
Baby Remi joined our family November 5, 2016
My hot date to Robbie's corporate formal Christmas party! 

Lia turned 6!!!! 

I became a director for a Christmas Charity called The Giving Grinch. 

Happy New Year!!! 
The kids both got new haircuts! Duke has big boy hair now! 

Go Cowboys! 

And that's a wrap...... 
More on the baby shower I threw for Alisa with Sheri coming up next.